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Commercial Water Systems
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Commercial — Industrial Products

EcoWater is a leading edge commercial and industrial water treatment equipment manufacturer. We design and manufactures commercial and industrial water treatment equipment for schools, hotels, apartments, health care facilities, manufacturers and other higher volume water users needing high-quality water. Our equipment is sold exclusively through our extensive authorized dealer and OEM network.

Vertical Market Segments

Innovative water treatment solutions that improve the quality of life for consumers and businesses by creating more comfortable, safer, healthier and more energy-efficient environments. We partner with customers in a variety of markets to address their challenges by creating total solutions and offering a collection of resources, tools and information to assist you with your water treatment needs.

Maintenance and Service

We have a network of over 500 international authorized EcoWater water treatment specialists to install, service and maintain your systems. Contact us today!

Commercial Products

Water Softeners

EcoWater’s line of commercial softeners are among the most efficient softeners available on the market and can lower your maintenance costs and save you salt, water, money and time.

Reverse Osmosis

EcoWater offers a complete line of Commercial Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Drinking Water systems for businesses that rely on high-efficiency and high-purity water. Our standard systems are available in capacities from 250 to 14,400 gallons per day.

Safe Fountain and Food

EcoWater offers a line of Safe Fountain and Safe Food Services Systems for schools and commercial buildings designed to reduce the most common contaminants found in the water distribution system and fountains ensuring that the water you drink and cook with is safe.

Problem Water and Filtration Systems

EcoWater’s commercial water filtration products deliver quality water reliably and continuously. Our comprehensive line of single and duplex filter systems can be customized to meet your needs and our state-of-the-art controls can be controlled to exacting standards.

Dealkalizers and Deionizers

Dealkalizers reduce unwanted anions in the water supply and help reduce cycles of concentration in boilers. Deionizers provide high-quality process water for consistent manufacturing.

Pedi Regeneration Plants

EcoWater offers one of the industry's most comprehensive lines of complete regeneration plants designed for portable exchange deionizer tank service.

Cooling/Process Water Treatment

Our Cooling/Process Water Treatment solution offers an environmentally friendly water treatment technology used in HVAC, process cooling and refrigeration systems to effectively control scale, biological growth and corrosion without the use of chemicals.

  • Control scale
  • Controls bacteria, including legionella
  • Ecological
  • Clean

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